Over the years we had collected countless photos, videos, product links, etc. and we kept them loosely organized across various phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. Our dropbox links and saved photos lacked any sort of structure, leading to us forgetting a lot of the great images we had seen of Defenders over the years.

As we looked for solutions that worked not only for our personal and business needs, we also thought it would be great if we could create a website where anyone could add to the collection – inspiring each other on the great things available online.

We kept the site simple – maybe adding features later on. We wanted to be able to pin, save, upload, share, and comment on the images/videos we liked the best. We also wanted people to be able to sign up for their own account and create a visual mood board for their Defender inspiration, either as aspirational dreaming, or as practical ideas for an upcoming build.

If you have any questions or you want to suggest features, feel free to reach out via the comment form and let us know how we can improve the website.


The Defenderest